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​Wix Websites Accessibility

Wix Websites Accessibility

What is Accessibility?
Accessibility is the degree to which a system can be used by people with a wide range of physical, mental, and cognitive abilities, including people with disabilities. For example, adapting the system for people with short-sightedness and low vision, people with hearing impairments, people in wheelchairs, and so on.

Why is it important to make a website accessible?

Making websites accessible:

  • Allows people with disabilities to browse comfortably.

  • Improves the browsing experience for other audiences.

The target audiences that can benefit from website accessibility are, for example (their size is estimated at 25% to 30% of the population):

  1. Visually impaired surfers: from complete blindness, through visual impairments and color blindness, to wearing glasses - for them it is critical - accessibility can increase color contrast, enlarge fonts, or read aloud the text or describe the image using screen reader software (we will talk about this later).

  2. Surfers with physical disabilities: These include mainly surfers with hand disabilities that make it difficult to operate the mouse and keyboard. (In this case, a site where you can easily move between elements using arrows or the tab key will help us).

  3. People with cognitive disabilities: These include problems with understanding and reading difficulties. (Here, accessibility will be achieved through clear and readable content without "tricks").

  4. People with other difficulties: For example, learning disabilities, surfers who do not know the language, people with reading problems, the ability to understand simple language, difficulty navigating the site, difficulty operating, fear of technology, and more.

Steps to make a Wix website accessible:

  • Using the Accessibility Wizard to make texts and images accessible to people with disabilities

  • Adding accessibility statements

  • Installing an accessibility enhancement plugin

​Wix Websites Accessibility Wizard
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